Champaign County EMA Search & Rescue


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Champaign County EMA
Search & Rescue Team
1905 E. Main St.
Urbana, IL 61802


Search and Rescue Team members honed their search skills April 15, 2014 looking for camouflaged easter eggs. Eggs were camouflaged as part of a training exerise designed to improve observation skills for searching small objects.

On the morning of June 14, 2014, a field exercise was held at Homer Lake covering an area of 1.5 square miles, the Search and Rescue Team members were called upon to apply their skills in locating a missing subject. Skills that were utilized included use of radios, GPS devices and computers; the practical application of map reading and land navigation training and utilizing observation skills for searching and locating clues. To support this exercise the Champaign Communication vehicle (E-1) and local volunteer helicopter support were active participants.


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