Pesotum, IL (02-04-14) A winter weather system is currently hitting the Midwest. Illinois State Police District 10 officials ask that you take precautions so you do not have to put yourself or your families’ lives in danger by getting on the road. With heavy snow and high winds, even the shortest trips could become perilous. We are requesting everyone to put their safety and the safety of others they are sharing the roadway with first. 

Roadways in District 10 may quickly become very dangerous. Counties include Champaign, Douglas, Coles, Vermilion, Edgar, Moultrie, Piatt, Shelby, and Macon. Snow travel advisories have been issued and motorists are reminded to take the necessary safety precautions and monitor the road and weather conditions before traveling. Allow for extra time, allow more distance between you and the vehicle you’re following, have a charged cellular phone with you, keep your gas tank full, and avoid unnecessary travels. Our top concern is for motorists to arrive at their destination safely. Commercial Motor Vehicles are advised to locate a rest area or truck stop for rest periods during the storm when the roads become impassable and treacherous. Be aware that stopping distances are significantly greater for Commercial Motor Vehicles and we have experienced many jack-knifed, disabled, and overturned truck tractor/semi trailers this winter season. 

Bridge decks, overpasses, exit ramps, and areas near guardrails are the first areas where frost forms. Use extreme caution. Blowing and drifting snow will cause white out conditions. Extremely cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills can be deadly. Stranded motorists are encouraged to remain inside their vehicles. Motorists should use caution, reduce speed, and allow for extra travel time. Motorists are also reminded to have an emergency kit in their vehicle. Illinois State Police District 10 would like to remind drivers to only use cruise control on dry surfaces and if you lose traction, gradually slow down, do not slam on the brakes. 

Motorists are reminded to use extreme caution when approaching stationary authorized emergency vehicles with their lights activated on the roadways. Authorized emergency vehicles include police, fire, EMS, and other emergency vehicles. It is the law to proceed with due caution, change lanes if possible, and reduce your speed. Move over and slow down. Also use caution when traveling near snow removal trucks and snow plows. 

A complete list of road closures can be found on the Illinois Department of Transportation website and or 1-800-452-4368. 

Additional information will be provided as updates are given.
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